Why are wellness programs important? Why do companies spend their time and money on them? Well, on the surface level, thoughts like keeping employees happy and employee retention come to mind. Alternatively, it could be to attract top talent and perhaps promoting the overall wellbeing of the employees.

However, it’s about more than just the welfare of the people. If done right, in the beginning, the company will be encouraging personal and team wellbeing. Furthermore, in the long term, the employees will breed and create a culture of overall well-being that is efficient, productive and happy which will influence everyone that will join the company too. It’s about the wellness of your company.

Here is a list of programs that will target overall well-being, and there’s something that will fit your organisation.

Nutrition and Physical Health

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So much could be done to help your employees get all the nutrients they need. You can cater healthy snacks for your office to help your employees boost their mood and energy as well as help with their weight control.

Add a few vegan options in there too, perhaps some almond milk and vegetable-based snacks. You can also bring in a local or an international chef to teach your employees how to cook simple and healthy meals for themselves, and then make a cookbook and share it around the office so that everyone will have access to the recipes. Perhaps after that, you can have fun cooking contests and give away some fun prizes too. Not only will your employees have fun, but they will also improve their health which could further result in increased productivity.

You can bring in professional physicians, nutritionists, and trainers to the office to discuss corporate wellness. They could share some tips with your team about meditation, exercise, personal development, and nutrition.

Productivity and Personal Growth

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Once in awhile bring a few experts into the office and create mentor programs. Your employees could improve on the skills they currently have or even learn new ones. They are achieving so much for the company right now, could you imagine how much more they could do when they become better versions of themselves?

You can make them feel special too, why not let them take the day off on their birthday? Alternatively, if they wouldn’t be able to take that day off, give them a floating holiday so they get to choose when they’d like to go on vacation.

How about letting your employees work away from the office one day per week. They spend so much time commuting to and from office, time that could be used to do better things, like relax a bit more in the morning and start work with a clearer mind or take care of some of those stressful tasks.

See how that works out, and if you see an improvement in productivity and efficiency, you could provide flexible working hours too. The focus here should be on the effectiveness and the quality of the work, different people, perform best at different hours. They also need an unusual amount of time to finish a particular task; sometimes it is better to trust their judgment.

Mental Health and Psychological Capital

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Without a clear headspace and good psychology, people won’t be at their best, and with more work, they will get more stressed. You can turn a room in the office that barely gets used into a “No work” room. Employees could play board games, take naps, listen to music or even meditate.

From time to time, you can have a professional therapist visiting the office too; your employees might need some guidance and someone to talk to. You have to make sure that everything would stay confidential and that everything said in that room would stay just in that room, between the therapist and that employee.

Peer Motivation and Challenges

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It’s nice to get noticed and to be appreciated. You can quickly put a smile on your employees faces by having a nice board in the corner of the office, have everybody’s name on a small tag name, put it on the board.

Then get some colourful markers then everyone can write nice anonymous compliments about one another under their names. It could be about a nice shirt they were wearing or something kind they did that day.

You can also encourage your employees to get more and better sleep. Every month, you can have a 7 to 8-hour sleeping challenge, then you can track the quality and quantity of anyone’s sleep that would like to participate in the trial. The same problem could work with eight glasses of water. Run fun challenges around the office and at the end of every month giveaway cool prizes to the winners. The best part is that everyone could win, it’s not a competition towards getting the most or the best compared to everyone else, it’s an individual challenge.

Once in a while, run very random chair races, set up a few chairs and play music, people will move around them and will have a good time. You can also celebrate different holidays, like world pizza day!

Sometimes it will be nice to have attire themed days too. It would make everyone feel like they are part of something huge, everyone is wearing something fun!


Lastly, always survey your employees and seek their insights. Ask them how they feel about the new changes around the office. Get to know what works and what doesn’t, and make sure they know that their voice is being heard. Investing in employee wellness goes a long way!


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