Each year, companies try to find unique and efficient ways to promote their employee benefits. Today, it has become significant for employees to compare their short-term and long-term employee benefits with those offered on the open market. Without complete engagement in health and wellness programs, firms cannot provide the cost savings that they are expected to. According to a research, in 2018 health premium costs in Malaysia increased by 107%. Thus, many employers have cut down their budgets.

To retain existing and attract potential employees, your company must make employee benefit marketing a priority. 

Below are some tested ways to achieve the employee benefit marketing results, while adding recognition and the perceived worth of benefits for the team.  

1. Promote Your Employee Benefits By Discussing With Your Employees 

Companies generally limit their conversations with employees, especially when they present an employee benefits program to new employees. This doesn’t give new employees a complete understanding of their total compensation. Companies must use employee benefits as one of the numerous benefits and advantages of working with the firm, along with maximum salary and additional incentives that are provided to staff members which enhances the worth of employees.  

2. Create Marketing Material In Compliance With The Demands Of Employees

Smart marketing professionals resolve the “why” of offerings, which aids to increase the chance of conversion and sales. Use this same strategy when presenting employee benefits to staff members and prospects. The advertising content should deal with the requirements of people. For example, an individual; might be looking for household benefits as she or he might be starting a family. 

3. Promote Your Employee Benefits Through All Media Formats 

We live in a multi-media rich world. Smart Insights is an advertising and marketing firm that checks customer electronic devices use. Their research indicated that, since 2017, making use of smartphones has overshadowed the use of a desktop. More workers are looking at their benefits information on the go, instead of searching through lengthy contracts. Companies must convey a clear message to motivate staff to register and also utilise these advantages. When sending a message relating to employee benefits, it is necessary to make use of the best communication medium. Email can be great, but to connect to individuals by phone, early mornings and late evenings are the very best.

4. Communicate A Positive Message

The entire idea of reading through the employee benefits programme contract and trying to decide which coverage to approve is not all that appealing to most people. When marketing benefits, it is essential to be as positive as possible. Provide your employees with a variety of options, more control over their healthcare, their cash, and also their lives. 

5. Share Employee Success Stories 

One excellent way to market employee benefits is by convincing employees to share their testimonials with peers about how the benefits programme offered by the company has positively affected their lives. No employee has to be best while conveying their stories; they only need to be natural and also motivate other employees to be loyal with their workplace. It can be the stimulant for getting other employees onboard. 

6.  Provide More Than Just Information About Your Employee Benefit Programme 

All benefits come with the standard explanation, yet you should share something much more meaningful. For instance, you can create a directory of healthcare centres and align your health care benefits program. Use a presentation that can be delivered to staff members annually through new hire onboarding sessions to enlighten staff members about the advantages your business provides. 

7. Provide The Support Of Benefits Plan Administrators 

Many plan administrators have access to extensive amounts of advertising and marketing materials that can promote your company’s existing initiatives. From flyers and folders to company swag (t-shirts, hats, pens), there are several points that the plan administrator can show your workers if you ask.

8. Conduct Analysis of Employee Benefit Programme 

As an essential practice, managers need to re-examine their employee benefits program. However, some benefits are not worth providing due to the fact that employees most of the times do not use them. Companies must conduct a study at the beginning of each year, asking what benefits are most preferred as well as what is never used by the employees. Therefore, eliminate those that are no longer required and replace them with much better benefits. 

 In Conclusion

While reading this article, you must be thinking a few ways to encourage marketing of your employee benefits program. However, this would take a while to adopt a standardised system in your company. It might take a year long for effective marketing of employee benefits. Thus, firms can outsource this function so employees can directly connect with the HR office anytime for the support. 

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